Sarah Jane Lapp

Sarah Jane Lapp

Regarding these paintings you see, the source paintings for my jigsaw puzzles: From 1993-2008 I created some twenty-five short-form 16 and 35mm films, many of which included my own hand-drawn animations of comic personae rendered in India ink and gouache on paper, others which presented investigations into the religious imagination and labors of love and money.

While making films, I also served as a cartoonist for a newspaper, and also as a visiting lecturer, which brought me to New England from the West Coast. I began to paint. I funneled all the creative energy I had previously channeled into moving images into a single pictorial space. Painting did not require sound engineers, lab processing, protracted distribution. I painted in private; one image might span the course of an entire year, maybe two.

Then, in 2013, as an experiment for a friend, I reproduced one painting as a 1000pc jigsaw puzzle. She loved the puzzle – and so did her mother, who became my puzzle muse and mentor.

I made more puzzles. The puzzles appeared in open studios, office lobbies, oncology units...and, of course, puzzle and pie happy hours. Communal puzzling became a kind of crusade, an opportunity to promote creative healing, collaboration and spontaneous connection. World peace, piece by piece.

Here are a few examples of her work.