Heart of a Tree: May 31 - July 8

Gallery Talk (hosted by RISD/RI Alumni Club): Thursday, June 22 6-8 p.m.

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Coming up! Figure & Form: July 19 - August 19

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 20, 5-9pm

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Fine Artists of the Jewelry District

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Color Passages

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TWO VIEWS: Sterling Mulbry & Ewa Romaszewicz

October 7 – November 20

Closing Reception: Thursday, November 19, 5-9pm

We are excited to welcome artists Sterling Mulbry and Ewa Romaszewicz to the gallery.

Two Views Mulbry
Sterling Mulbry’s oil paintings on wood panel present landscapes and still lifes inspired by her travels throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida and Italy. The palpable surface and luscious color of
Mulbry’s paintings transport the viewer to another world, one where the untamed elements of nature may very well cross the line from their world to ours. A native of Florida, she is a graduate of Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts. Mulbry’s paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.  READ MORE

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Ewa Romaszewicz has lived in the United States since the age of six. She concentrated in two areas while studying at Brown University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. While at Brown, she studied and exhibited her work in Poland and France. She went on to earn her Master of Fine Arts in painting at Indiana University, where she taught Color Theory and Design as well as a chemistry laboratory course. Before fully dedicating herself to her art career, Ewa worked as a protein chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.  READ MORE

Clothing Optional: A Figurative Show

August 12 – September 25

Reception during Gallery Night Providence: Thursday, September 17, 5-9pm

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“Clothing Optional” displays a variety of mediums and methods these artists use to depict the human form and the unique interpretations of figures that result. It will feature figurative works by a number of local, national and international artists, including:

1 Jeff Bye

Jeff Bye is a Pennsylvania-based RISD graduate whose figurative paintings often contain representations of friends and family.

Corrado no rule

Alba Corrado is a RISD professor and Providence artist whose sculptural works range from life-sized figures to presentation medals.

2 Ted DiLucia

Ted DiLucia is a Providence resident and RISD graduate whose works are large-scale abstracted and deconstructed portraits.

3 Elizabeth Frank

Elizabeth Frank is an Arizona artist who creates wood people by combining carved aspen branches with found objects.

4 Ted Gall

Ted Gall is a California-based sculptor who creates compelling figures in bronze.

5 Kristy Goggio

Kristy Goggio is a Wisconsin painter who depicts female characters that hint at the Renaissance style.

Hall no rule

Jeff Hall is a Virginia sculptor whose work appears on and in a number of prominent public buildings such as the National Cathedral and Capital Building.

7 Daniel Koterbay

Daniel Koterbay is a Rhode Island artist known for his realism and use of bold color in his pop art.

8 Azamat Kuliev

Azamat Kuliev is a Russian figurative painter who resides in Turkey mostly working in realism and superrealism.

9 James Paterson

James Paterson is an Ontario, Canada-based artist who creates three-dimensional sculptures called Prayer Machines

10 Eleanor Rahim

Eleanor Rahim is a New York City artist who incorporates motion, flow, energy balance and grace in her abstract figurative paintings.

11 Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider is a New York City-based artist who paints stylized, heavily silhouetted figures.

12 David Witbeck

David Witbeck is a Providence artist who paints of boldly simplified female figures in beach environments.

Fine Artists of the Jewelry District: June 3 – July 24

Gallery Night Providence: Thursday, July 16, 5-9pm

gallery night logo horz color“Fine Artists of the Jewelry District” will feature paintings, photography, and sculptural work by artists creating and thriving in Providence’s Jewelry District, which was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1985. Once a thriving manufacturing area, the Jewelry District is now a dynamic live/work neighborhood with a rich architectural heritage.

 Behind the beautiful old facades, the Jewelry District is alive with creative energy from so many accomplished artists. We’re thrilled to show visitors the amazing talent we have in our own backyard.1 Alfred DeCredico2 Cesare DeCredico3 Ira Garber4 Patricia Hansen5 Bunny Harvey6 Nick Paciorek7 Allison Paschke

Landscapes Above & Beyond: April 15 – May 22

Featuring Carolynn U. Baker, Jenifer Mumford, Pia Peterson, Mimo Gordon Riley, and Nina Weiss

Closing Reception: Thursday, May 21, 5–9pm


HarboringAnOcean web 300pxCarolynn U. Baker’s collection of maps, charts, and books on cartography inspires paintings that echo the terrain.












forces 300pxJenifer Mumford’s landscapes reveal the constant movement brought on by the changes of light and wind and Earth’s life and death cycles.












step away400pxPia Peterson experiments with method, materials and subject, yet continually returns to the imaginary landscape for its infinite possibilities for abstraction, expression and contemplation.











DSC 0020 2 300pxMimo Gordon Riley’s unusual sense of color ties together diverse subject matters, from yellow skies to orange water lines.












Nina Weiss PRAIRIE WALK 300pxNina Weiss translates the intensity and power of nature’s rhythm, forms, colors, and light into her paintings, drawing the viewer into a heightened vision of gesture and hue.




Ceramic Inspirations: March 10 - May 22, 2015

Featuring Suzanne Hill, Linda Huey and Jan Jacque

Reception: Friday, March 27, 5–9pm



Suzanne Hill sees herself as both an artist and craftsperson. In her recent work, she has been exploring the relationship between classical shapes and forms found in nature, inspired by trips to coastal New England and the American Southwest.













Linda Huey views clay as her pathway into the natural world. Whether in cityscapes or natural imagery, a common theme in her work is the relationship of growth to decay.














Jan Jacque has always been drawn to the forms, lines, asymmetry and delicate complexity in nature, and her handcrafted creations in clay, wood and mirror express her deep respect and love for nature.










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