Henry's Kids Show

Selected Artists

Congratulations! Here is a list of all the accepted artists for the Henry's Kids show in February 2017. All artists have been notified by email as to which pieces have been included. If you are on this list and didn't get an email, please contact me at 401.641.5182

Maria Scaglione
Jeanne Tangney
Ian Hillman
Doreen Lindenburg
Richard Sayer
Anthony Tomaselli
Bob Eggleton
Maria and Natalia Petschatnikov
Roberta Uhlmann
Russell Horton
Joanne DeLomba
Joanne Delmonico
Jim Buonaccorsi
Harold InDelicato
Gerald Perrino
Christian Gonçalves
Dennis DeLomba
Bud Cook
Gayle White
Jane Andreozzi
Ernest Jolicoeur
Eric Portrais
Ann Trainor Domingue
Elizabeth Lusi D'Abbraccio
Jeff Beauregard
Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon
Sean James Harrington
Lisa Champagne Morgan
Lee Karvonan