Anthony Salemme

Anthony Salemme

My inspiration for this series comes from a collection of conscious and subconscious thoughts, observations and influences of travel in densely forested areas of the Caribbean and South and Central America.

The flora, fauna, human and animal forms that are common in my abstract jungle landscapes are “fractions” of what I see in my mind’s eye.

There are many layers to each painting as there are many layers in life, the unidentifiable surfaces and intersecting lines slowly unfold as the painting progresses to being complete. Some of the images are distinct to the viewer while others reveal themselves more slowly.

Throughout each painting, I feel more connected to who I am and my surroundings.

The process involves some strong decisive lines to form a vague familiar form, location and season. Through travel and everyday life, I experience great anticipation to see extraordinary places and things in a new context.

Here are a few examples of his work.