Sarah Jane Lapp

Sarah Jane Lapp

You might experience this semi-retrospective, time-based exhibition as a kind of “Time Haven.” 

After all, time-based media requires time.

Time in the studio. Time drinking tea. Time out on the streets, resisting defeat.

The term “Time Haven” also contains fascinating biological underpinnings. 

Alas, I did not make time to remember them. No notes, no links, no diary entry.

Instead, I made a painting: Time Haven No.1

Are you a peripatetic biologist or geologist? Please explain this word I once knew.

And speaking of time – thank you for loaning yours as you take time to visit Planet SJ B.C.O.P. – Planet SJ Before Chaos of POTUS. 

You will find hand-painted animations created between 1998-2008 as well as select large-scale paintings made between 2012-2016. These art works allowed me to chew on questions concerning religious imagination, labor, and complicated relational dynamics. A few rogue 2018 paintings may pop up as well – the paint needs time to dry.

The featured animations “Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist” and “Chronicles of an Asthmatic Stripper” required a lot of labor, a lot of love – and a lot of time. At least a decade. Done in tandem with my dear collaborator Mark Dresser, virtuoso composer, contrabassist, and compassionate comic genius these projects had me drawing through time, listening through time, and editing, frame by frame, time and time again. 

After “my” last film lab closed, I decided to commit imagery to one piece of paper and stay away from the seemingly timed-out celluloid. Discovery: the process of painting images continues to allow me to make moving images. Each layer transitions to another, one painting replaces another until I am “satisfied” with the final image.

Film vs. painting: the painter is privy to the whole narrative that unfolds in the studio and the audience, alas, witnesses only the last frame of the film, the palimpsest of the whole project. The ghost of time, yes?

Here are a few examples of her work.