Serena Lafond

Serena Lafond

Serena was born and raised in Rhode Island. Her mediums are predominantly oil paint and charcoal. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology  and Studio Art from Salve Regina University. Over her time in college, her artwork began to integrate her two majors. Her current work revolves around micro-expressions and  the transition between emotions. Last year, Serena completed a four-week residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. She has received the William  Varieka Fine Arts Ltd. Award for Arts and Public Policy  and Honorable Mention from the Warwick Museum of Art.  She has participated in group exhibitions at the Warwick Museum of Art, RI; Limner Gallery, NY; and Hallspace, MA.

Artist Statement

I aim to explore the human condition through the exchange of methods and materials. Through the reconciling of micro-expressions and materiality of paint, I look to deconstruct and reconstruct the figure. My process grows out of conversations with the people around me and our discussions revolve around the poignant phenomenon associated with reality. With my camera continuously firing, the photographs become the springboard of my drawings and paintings.

In my research, I give shape to complex psychological relationships. I find myself drawn to the ephemeral characteristics of charcoal and the sempiternal nature of oil paint. Each of these materials provides a different vehicle for analysis.

My background in representation both haunts and teases my imagination. I have reached a point where it has started to open new paths for communicating. I intend to explore these possibilities by being uninhibited in my response to material and allowing for expressiveness to take hold. Through my work, I have begun to realize the profound impact of nonverbal communication and the role it plays in deciphering the human condition.

Here are a few examples of her work.